How Can I Connect Outside of Sunday Morning? 

We're always experimenting with different ways for people to connect, learn, and grow together outside of Sunday service. Here are some things we're trying out:

Current Options:

Small Groups

We spend a significant amount of our lives making small talk about weather, local sports teams, and other pleasantries. The purpose of these small groups is to go a step further, to build friendships and deeper relationships, share things that are happening in our lives, discuss how the gospel informs our understanding of current events and pray for each other. In community we study Scripture, bringing our questions, confusion, and discoveries as we seek to know and understand God more.

Supper 8's.

These are breakfast, lunch or dinner gatherings consisting of roughly eight people, usually potluck style. There is no agenda other than to share a meal and get to know each other better. Who are the eight, you ask? Maybe one of them can be you. 

In what ways would you like to connect with people?

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