Who's in Charge Here?

Sunset Covenant is a congregationally-led church.

The major financial decisions that need to be made are done through a rotating council of church members, who provide accountability and support for the church staff. (When there's a super major decision, all the members in the congregation vote.)

However, the church council chooses to empower and employ a team of people to help facilitate ministry.

This is that team: 



Jelani Greenidge Co-Pastor of Worship & Proclamation
In addition to being a pastor, Jelani is a passionate communicator with a drive to inform, inflame, and inspire.
Kristin Podelnyk Preschool Director
Kristin has been working in the field of education for the last 9 years. She loves helping children with their social emotional development, and fostering the love of learning and new discoveries during the most formative years of their education. 

She has a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences from Oregon State University, with endorsements in Early Childhood Education and Human Services.