Who's in Charge Here?

Sunset Covenant is a congregationally-led church.

The major financial decisions that need to be made are done through a rotating council of church members, who provide accountability and support for the church staff. (When there's a super major decision, all the members in the congregation vote.)

However, the church council chooses to empower and employ a team of people to help facilitate ministry.

This is that team: 

A Portland native, Emily Raymond has been an active musician since elementary school. 

At Portland State University, she earned a Bachelor's in Liberal Studies while participating in the PSU Concert Choir, as well as auditioning for the PSU Madrigals and the Jazz Choir. After her undergraduate years, she's sung with the Westside Singers and the Conchords Chorale, community choirs in the Beaverton area.

In addition to her work serving the people of Sunset Covenant, she is also artistic director for Trouble With Trebles, a double-trio vocal ensemble.

Emily is married with two adorable sons, and enjoys cross-stitching, wine tasting, and experiencing High Tea at local tea houses with friends and family.